What we do

We can advise on hosting providers and servers to meet your specifications. We take into consideration anticipated traffic volumes and desired peak capacity.

Once you have chosen the software to power your website you have a choice of:

  • Server specification
  • Hosting provider
  • Website platform management

We can also provide hosting services via Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, UK Cloud and FCO Services. If we provide the hosting for your website you will automatically enjoy the benefits of 'Spacecraft's Platform Management service'.

Support team

Spacecraft Platform


Our aim is to ensure your website is working correctly and available at all times. This involves monitoring service availability as well as automatically alerting you of any problems with your website.

On call engineers are available to respond to any incidents 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our Platform Management covers:

  • Applying software updates and security patches to all elements of the software stack
  • Application of website software updates
  • Application of anti-virus software updates
  • Monitoring performance of the website (traffic patterns, server load, CPU usage)
  • Intrusion detection (Spacecraft hosting only) and anti-virus checking
  • Disk space usage monitoring
  • Regular backups of the website (Spacecraft hosting only)
  • Service availability monitoring 24/7/365 delivered by Pingdom and Nagios alerting
  • Spacecraft on call engineers 24/7/365 for severity 1 incidents
  • Monitoring of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) and Operating System specific updates. Spacecraft proactively update where there will be no effect on uptime, and aim to get all security updates applied within 48 hours of release after informing our clients. We will apply the updates with full consideration of the environment and resilience to ensure minimum downtime.
  • Infrastructure configuration changes (Spacecraft hosting only) with a typical turnaround time for minor updates of 1 to 2 hours.

If you host your own website, we can also provide platform management, as long as we have sufficient access to your hosting infrastructure.

System Backups

As part of the hosting service provided by Spacecraft, backups of servers hosting customer websites are carried out every 24 hours and retained for 28 days.

The backups include:

  • The server stack software
  • The server stack software configuration files
  • Log files
  • Website software
  • Custom developments
  • User content entered into the database and file system

Backups are taken at a time to suit your site traffic and content changes. This allows for a full snapshot of your site at regular intervals giving you peace of mind should you require a roll back to a previous version of your site.

We were really impressed with how Spacecraft worked with us to find a hosting solution that matched our needs at a price we could afford. Switching over was seamless and hassle-free, and we’re looking forward to enjoying the benefits that Spacecraft Platform Management brings us in enhancing our cover.

Neil Lawrence, Digital Transformation Manager, Oxford City Council

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